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The Partnership arrangement established in 1958 continues to serve as the basis for the management and organizational structure of Sheppard T. Powell Associates, LLC. The Associates are assisted by a staff of Senior Engineers, Metallurgical Director and Staff Consultants (retired Partners) plus graphic design and clerical personnel. Analytical services are provided by our Metallurgical Director, Senior Chemists and Laboratory Technicians. Sheppard T. Powell Associates, LLC is an independent consulting and laboratory services organization.

The unique qualifications, capabilities and experience of our technical staff are outlined in our company brochure (see Contact Us). The Associates and Senior Engineers of Sheppard T. Powell Associates, LLC come from a number of educational backgrounds - including chemical engineering, sanitary engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, material science, chemistry and biology. Technical personnel have previous work experience with other companies which include engineering firms, private industry, and government. Staff members are active also in a number of professional societies which sponsor committee work involving water treatment and corrosion. As a group, the staff offers a broad background. Their disciplines are carefully considered when selecting individuals for specific work assignments. Most important is our hands-on experience developed during provision of service to our clients.


Emory H. Hull

The Johns Hopkins University - B.E.S. Environmental Engineering

Joined STPA in 1980

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Robert D. Bartholomew, P.E.

Bucknell University - B.S. Chemical Engineering

Joined STPA in 1986

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Ewa Labuda, Ph.D.
Metallurgical Director

The Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow, Poland - M.S in Materials
Catholic University of America - M.S. in Chemistry
Catholic University of America - Ph.D in Chemistry

Joined STPA in 1998

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David A. Cline, Jr.
Staff Consultant

Loyola College - B.S. Chemistry

Taft Center (USEPA/OHIO) - Special Courses in Wastewater Treatment

Joined STPA in 1971

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Gary H. Roberts, P.E.
Staff Consultant

Marietta College - B.S. Chemistry

Joined STPA in 2001

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Stephen P. Donner, P.E.
Staff Consultant


Michigan Technological University – BS Chemical Engineering

Joined STPA: In 2014

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Carl J. Feichtel
Consulting Engineering Assistant

DeSales University - B.A. Safety Management

Joined STPA in 2012

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Dania J. Thompson
Senior Chemist

Loyola College - B.S. in Biology

University of Delaware, School of Marine Science - Graduate Studies

Joined STPA in 1978

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Kathleen O. Orrson
Senior Chemist

University of Maryland, College Park - B.S. in Chemistry.

MDE - Certified for the Collection of Drinking Water Samples.

Joined STPA in 1998

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Sidney Carter
Metallurgical Technician

Joined STPA in 2010

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