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Water & Waste Management & Treatment - In addition to simply evaluating water treatment and water reuse strategies (e.g., rinse recycle, noncontact cooling water recovery, etc.,), STPA performs water management studies at conventional and zero liquid discharge facilities which can include a variety of services in this area including constructing water balances, appraising water reuse options, assessing waste treatability, examining wastewater treatment facilities and process, examining flue gas desulfurization operations as they relate to water usage and treatment, appraising discharge elimination or minimization, evaluation of brine concentrators and crystallizer systems, and evaluating permitting and related regulatory compliance criteria.

S. T. Powell started as an independent water treatment consultant in Baltimore, Maryland in 1921 to serve Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. From our offices in Baltimore, we currently provide services to companies in Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. 

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